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· Xinjiang Branch of the CAS held Cooperation talks with the secretariat of the... [2023-01-11]
· Xiao Wenjiao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a sci... [2022-09-29]
· Ganquanpu Economic Development Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement ... [2022-09-28]
· Xinjiang Branch Held 2022 STS Acceptance Meeting for Key Projects in Xinjiang [2022-09-22]
· Xinjiang Branch and Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of Chin... [2022-09-14]
· Xinjiang branch visited Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone [2022-09-14]
· Leaders of Yuli County went to Xinjiang branch for investigation [2022-09-05]
· Changji Prefecture hopes to deepen cooperation with Xinjiang branch of CAS [2022-09-05]
· Xinjiang Branch visited Ganquanpu Economic and Technological Development Zone [2022-09-05]
· Xinjiang Branch took effective measures to promote rural revitalization work [2022-05-27]
· Leaders of Science and Technology Department of Xinjiang surveyed Xinjiang Br... [2022-04-14]
· Xinjiang branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xinjiang University signed... [2021-11-24]
· "Carbon Neutralization" seminar on green and sustainable development of digit... [2021-10-28]
· Xinjiang branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Construct... [2021-09-17]
· Xinjiang branch held the 2021 "illuminate the west" meeting to initiate and r... [2021-08-26]
· Xinjiang Branch signed the SciTech cooperation agreement with Poly Union [2021-08-02]
· Xinjiang Branch of CAS visited Karamay [2019-04-24]
· Professor Chen Xi Delivered a Keynote Speech in the 23rd UN Climate Change Co... [2017-11-16]
· The village work team becomes the close friend of people with disabilities [2014-10-15]
· CAS Xinjiang branch conducted confidential knowledge learning lecture [2014-10-15]
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