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· Professor Chen Xi Delivered a Keynote Speech in the 23rd UN Climate Change Co... [2017-11-16]
· The village work team becomes the close friend of people with disabilities [2014-10-15]
· CAS Xinjiang branch conducted confidential knowledge learning lecture [2014-10-15]
· Xinjiang branch helped Alxa League develop sand industry [2014-09-11]
· Xinjiang branch surveyed Hua Shi Dan Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd [2014-07-28]
· Xinjiang "Western Light" Coordination Group launched the approval and assessm... [2014-07-22]
· Xinjiang “Western Light” Project Coordination Group carried out final measu... [2014-07-22]
· Xinjiang branch surveyed Urumqi Longcheng Industry Co., Ltd [2014-07-07]
· Xinjiang Branch Held a Contact Conference on ‘Western Light’ Work within Br... [2014-07-05]
· Xinjiang branch had a site inspection on humic acid products industrializatio... [2014-07-02]
· Xinjiang Branch Held Symposium on "Construcion of Innovative Cluster of North... [2012-06-25]
· Xinjiang Branch.CAS Meet with Xinjiang-Construction-Assistance Front-Headquar... [2012-06-25]
· Xinjiang Branch Carried out Spot Examine for Branch-Local Cooperation Project [2012-06-25]
· Xinjiang Branch Examined the Achievement of Xinjiang-Technological-Assistance... [2012-06-25]
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