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· Academician Ouyang Ziyuan Visited Xinjiang Branch of CAS
· The Science and Technology Week 2017 and the opening ceremony of the 13th Public Science Day were held in Moyu County
· Xinjiang branch hosted the 9th fun sports meeting of retired workers
· Xinjiang Branch Invited the CAS Deputy Director Yuan Dong Delivered a Lecture on How to Manage and Use the Research Funds
· Xinjiang branch held the 2015 Logistics Service Conference

· The village work team becomes the close friend of people with disabilities
· CAS Xinjiang branch conducted confidential knowledge learning lecture
· Xinjiang branch helped Alxa League develop sand industry
· Xinjiang branch surveyed Hua Shi Dan Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd
· Xinjiang "Western Light" Coordination Group launched the approval and assessment of 2014 "Western Light" talent cultivation program

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