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Research Results
Simultaneous single-pulse polarization observations of PSR B0950+08
Study Revealed Spring Ozone Exposure Risks under Global Warming
Study: Anthropogenic Disturbance Was the Main Factor Affecting Habi...
· the Service Center of CAS Xinjiang Branch carried out a volunteer service activity to help clean the environment
· Xinjiang Branch of the CAS held the meeting to promote rural revitalization projects
· CAS Xinjiang Branch 2022 Foreign Experts and International Students Celebrating New Year's Day Party was successfully held
· Xinjiang branch held symposiums on the "14th five year plan"
· Xinjiang branch carry out a series of training on the identification and treatment of high-risk manifestations of cardiovascular and cere...

· Xinjiang Branch took effective measures to promote rural revitalization work
· Leaders of Science and Technology Department of Xinjiang surveyed Xinjiang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
· Xinjiang branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xinjiang University signed a strategic cooperation agreement
· "Carbon Neutralization" seminar on green and sustainable development of digital cotton industry was held in Beijing
· Xinjiang branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Construction Development Co., Ltd

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