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Research Results
Scientists Made Progress in Land Use Change and Ecological Effects ...
Researchers Reveal Evolution State of Medium-amplitude Delta Scuti ...
Researchers Develop the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Data Center
· Xinjiang branch held a popular science lecture at 113 middle school
· The Xinjiang branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held the theme publicity activity of archival work
· Academician Xiao Wenjiao held science lectures for Xinjiang University of Science and Technology for the Elderly
· Xinjiang branch held the symposium with researchers to request for comments
· Service Center of CAS Xinjiang Branch carried out a volunteer service activity to help clean the environment

· Xiao Wenjiao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a science popularization report for primary and secondary school ...
· Ganquanpu Economic Development Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xinjiang Branch of CAS and the Silk Road Innovation and...
· Xinjiang Branch Held 2022 STS Acceptance Meeting for Key Projects in Xinjiang
· Xinjiang Branch and Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agree...
· Xinjiang branch visited Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone

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