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· Chinese Scientists Call for Control of Global Warming [2018-12-12]
· Research progress in grain surface chemistry at astrochemistry group of Xinji... [2018-11-27]
· "A Method for Extracting Interference Signals Based on Wideband Spectrum" Won... [2018-11-27]
· Research progress of filamentary structures in Molecular Clouds [2018-11-27]
· Xinjiang institute joins hands with German University on research of arid eco... [2018-11-26]
· XIEG to Cooperate with Khovd University on the Grassland Ecosystem research [2018-11-26]
· Wheat Bran: Terminator for oil spills [2018-11-26]
· Researchers Discover Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 Polymorphs with High Performances as Ultr... [2018-11-26]
· New progress in prediction and design of nonlinear optical materials [2018-11-26]
· CAS institute joins hands with Central Research Library of Kyrgyz Academy of ... [2018-11-26]
· “Coordination Chemistry Reviews” reported our optimal design of infrared no... [2018-11-26]
· Ayimak Village Held Peasants’ Fun Games [2018-10-31]
· Xinjiang Branch held a speech contest on the theme of "New Mission and New Er... [2018-10-30]
· CAS Institute Joins Hands with Central Research Library of Kyrgyz Academy of ... [2018-08-08]
· Xinjiang Branch Held the 2018 Table Tennis Competition [2018-08-08]
· Xinjiang Branch’s Labor Union Conducted Health Knowledge lecture [2018-06-27]
· Professional Doctors Provided Diagnosis and Treatment Services for Residents ... [2018-06-27]
· Xinjiang Branch of CAS Held the Celebration for International Women’s Day [2018-06-27]
· Professor Chen Xi Delivered a Keynote Speech in the 23rd UN Climate Change Co... [2017-11-16]
· Xinjiang Branch Participated in the First High-Level Seminar of CAS on Sci-Te... [2017-11-15]
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