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· Xinjiang Branch of the CAS held the meeting to promote rural revitalization p... [2022-05-26]
· CAS Xinjiang Branch 2022 Foreign Experts and International Students Celebrati... [2022-04-13]
· Xinjiang branch held symposiums on the "14th five year plan" [2021-11-29]
· Xinjiang branch carry out a series of training on the identification and trea... [2021-10-31]
· Xinjiang branch held a symposium on improving management and service for fore... [2021-09-13]
· Xinjiang branch fully promotes activities of "Year for Construction of Primar... [2021-09-06]
· Yin Hejun visited all units of Xinjiang branch [2021-08-09]
· Xinjiang Branch Promotes SKA Radio Telescope Established in Xinjiang [2021-06-25]
· Research revealed snow mass variation and its influencing factors in the Tian... [2021-06-07]
· Several collectives and individuals of Xinjiang Branch were awarded the title... [2019-05-23]
· Xinjiang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Held the Staff & Postgradu... [2019-05-23]
· Xinjiang Branch Kindergarten Held New Garden Opening Ceremony [2019-05-16]
· Xinjiang Branch Launched "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation" Visit and Exper... [2019-05-16]
· Xinjiang Branch Held 2019 “Light of the West” Promotion and Coordination Me... [2019-05-05]
· Xinjiang Branch of CAS visited Karamay [2019-04-24]
· Xinjiang Branch was Awarded the Advanced Unit of the National Fitness Day of ... [2019-03-29]
· The Service Center of Xinjiang Branch Office Conducts a Major Safety Inspecti... [2019-03-28]
· Xinjiang Branch Launched Thematic Activities for Women's Day on March 8th [2019-03-28]
· Leaders of Xinjiang Branch Inspected the Work of New Kindergarten of Xinjiang... [2019-03-28]
· Xinjiang Branch Leaders Visited and Condoled Team Members in Villages during ... [2019-03-28]
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