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Research Results
· A New Family for the Design of Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials by Coupli... [2023-01-17]
· Study reveals nature of single-line spectroscopic binary with δ Scuti pulsat... [2022-12-14]
· Scientists Made Progress in Land Use Change and Ecological Effects of Inland ... [2022-09-05]
· Researchers Reveal Evolution State of Medium-amplitude Delta Scuti KIC1573174 [2022-07-26]
· Researchers Develop the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Data Center [2022-07-26]
· Chinese herbal medicine products are becoming popular in Central Asia [2022-07-14]
· Simultaneous single-pulse polarization observations of PSR B0950+08 [2022-06-23]
· Study Revealed Spring Ozone Exposure Risks under Global Warming [2022-06-23]
· Study: Anthropogenic Disturbance Was the Main Factor Affecting Habitat Qualit... [2021-12-16]
· Research Reveal Future Meteorological Drought Rrends on Global Land are likel... [2021-11-21]
· Scientists Made Progress on Dynamic Changes and Driving Factors of Runoff in ... [2021-10-26]
· Scientists Found the Significant Terrestrial Water Depletion across Central Asia [2021-08-10]
· Study Reveals How Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Affects Soil Profile N2O Con... [2021-06-25]
· Effect of Lithium Boron Oxide Glass Coating on the Electrochemical Performanc... [2012-06-26]
· Optimization of the Irrigation Water Resources for Agricultural Sustainabilit... [2012-06-26]
· Spectral Line of Formaldehyde and Hydrogen Complexline Observational Studies ... [2012-06-26]
· Root Growth and Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Three Common Annual Halophyte... [2012-06-26]
· Bismuth Oxychloride Prepared by Solid State Reaction at Room Temperature [2012-06-26]
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