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Xinjiang branch held a popular science lecture at 113 middle school
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"Are there marine fossils on Mount Everest?" "Plate tectonics is really interesting!" Recently, Xiao Wenjiao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of the Xinjiang branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has sown the seeds of Science in the hearts of the children of No. 113 middle school in Urumqi.

"The vast land is like a crumpled ancient stone book, which is engraved with every change of the blue planet in hundreds of millions of years." When it comes to geology, Xiao Wenjiao spoke with great familiarity. "The answer of stone is often hidden in dangerous peaks, and only when you cross mountains can you have unlimited scenery." he started from mountains, plateaus and seamounts. While popularizing geological knowledge such as "plate driving mechanism", "continental drift theory" and "orogeny", he also used various rock deformation mechanisms such as "folds", "faults" and "angular unconformity" to uncover the mystery of the movement of plates. The report also focused on the touching deeds of the older generation of scientists who care about the motherland and dare to scale the scientific peak. It called on students to "never forget their original intention and remember their mission", vigorously promote the spirit of scientists, strive to become pillars of the country, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of China.

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