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Brief Introduction
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The Function of Comprehensive Office

1. In charge of drafting rules and regulations of Xinjiang Branch. CAS, and finishing other necessary paper work; supervise and handle official documents; contact and coordinate with research institutes and stations when affairs should be undertaken collaboratively; assist leader group to exam and supervise the comprehensive affairs the Xinjiang branch undertake; organize all kinds of large-scale activities assigned by Xinjiang branch or Xinjiang autonomous region; responsible for the propaganda work and all kinds of important conferences; meanwhile, in charge of everyday concerns of security committee of Xinjiang branch.

2. Provide assistance for research institutes to carry out foreign affairs negotiation; handle relevant procedures for Xinjiang branch and inland research institutes carrying out ground observation and foreign affairs activity; responsible for the programming and distribution of the branch area, coordinate with surrounding units when necessary; exam the construction program which Xinjiang branch in charge of, deal with the public bidding and signing contract of the construction, meanwhile, supervise and acceptance the construction.

3. In charge of the general work management, such as take responsibility for the safety and use of the administration building and office equipment of Xinjiang branch; make government affairs information report and deal with legal knowledge popularization.

4. Under the leadership of the labor union of Xinjiang autonomous region and leading party group of Xinjiang branch, carry out daily work according to Union Law; organize nationwide fitness programs and recreational activities; in charge of the management of the retired personnel.

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The Function of Organization and Personnel Department

1. Responsible for drafting comprehensive articles of leading party group and other paper work; notify conferences of lading party group and take record; prepare for democratic consultation of Xinjiang branch and draw up reports on rectifying and improving the work of Xinjiang branch; assist leading Party group of Xinjiang branch for party building and make joint assessment for every party member annually; take responsibility for the affairs and activities of democratic parties.

2. Assist leading party group of Xinjiang branch for the cultural and ideological progress and innovative cultural construction.

3. Assist leading party group of Xinjiang branch for the new term election and medium-term assessment of the members of leading group; exam and manage reserve cadre; draw up plans and final reports of personnel work; establish personnel system and carry out; give suggestion to leading party group when meet with significant personnel affairs.

4. Carry out the national policies for .employment and wages; in charge of personnel employment and retire rewards and punishment as well as personnel welfare.

5. Responsible for the continuation education of staff.

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The Function of Science and Technology Cooperation Department

1. Base on the national and local scientific and technological needs, draft plan for the collaborative work between Xinjiang branch and local group

2. Provide assistance with the president of branch to carry out the branch-local collaborative project; in charge of the scientific and technological project conducted by Chinese academy of science system in Xinjiang, submit analysis report and working suggestions of the scientific and technological achievement.

3. Contact with Production and Construction Corps of Xingjian, local government and enterprises to promote the industrialization of the scientific and technological achievement of Xinjiang branch; meanwhile take charge of the coordinated cooperation work of autonomous region.

4. Direct and coordinate affiliated unit of Xinjiang branch to cooperate with the national innovative system unit, such as local government, enterprises and universities.

5. Establish database to collect and analyze the information of relevant scientific and technological achievement as well as the local scientific and technological demands.

6.Popularize scientific knowledge and assign deputy staff to promote local scientific development, provide assistance to declare scientific project and intellectual property right.

7.In charge of the website making and maintenance; update and organize new IT equipment; responsible for the security of large scale equipment and website.

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The Function of Financial Assets Department

1. Carry out national financial statutes and regulations, draft and improve financial management methods and requirement.

2. Organize academic activities and professional training, such as annual accountant conference for staff of financial and accounting system.

3. Responsible for the financial managing work of the organ, make regular analyzing work for the financial status and provide suggestions about financial activity to leaders.

4. In charge of the budget and final account of Xinjiang branch, supervise the national asset of the branch.

5. Responsible for the purchasing management, extra-budgetary funds management and administrative receipt management.

6. In charge of the audit and supervision of financial revenue and expenditure.

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The Function of Auditing and Supervision Division

1. In accordance with the order of Center Committee for Discipline Inspection of the CPC, Auditing and Supervision Bureau and leading party group of Xinjiang branch, exercise the request function strictly; strive to increase work efficiency and quality, achieve work task and objective successfully.

2. Base on the practical situation of Xinjiang branch system, draw up annual work plan of discipline inspection and supervision audits.

3. Finish all kinds of work task assigned by superior discipline inspection department on time and make progress report; for the important problem about party conduct and party discipline, ask for instructions and submit report without delay according to the operating discipline strictly.

4.Carry out investigation and study thoroughly, grasp the situation of the discipline inspection and supervision audits work of Xinjiang branch system; make statistical returns of analyzing, collecting and reporting the case of violating discipline as well as letters and visitors of Xinjiang branch system.

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The Function of Party and Mass Work Office

Party and Mass Affairs Office is mainly in charge of the party construction of Xinjiang branch system of CAS, according to superior Party organization's instruction. The detailed work of the office includes the propaganda and ideological work, the united front work, trade union, Youth League Committee, Women's Committee, the comprehensive affairs and other tasks assigned by leaders.

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The Function of Science and Technology Security Department

Science and Technology Security Department's primary work scope includes the implementation of the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the superior on security and confidentiality, and organizing the formulation and improvement of corresponding rules and regulations.

The detailed work of the department includes: 1. The overall management, work guidance, supervision, inspection and comprehensive coordination of the security and confidentiality work of research institutes and field stations of Xinjiang branch; 2. Organization of relevant education, training and publicity activities; 3. Striving for, organizing and implementing various safety projects of Xinjiang Branch; 4. To guide and coordinate the security and confidentiality of major conferences and comprehensive scientific investigations, 5. Cooperate with CAS and relevant local departments to investigate and deal with major security accidents, network security incidents, secret disclosure cases and emergencies.

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