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Researchers Develop the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Data Center
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Recently, Dr. ZHANG Hailong from the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory (XAO), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), along with his astronomical big data research team, constructed the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Data Center (XAODC) based on the virtual observatory standard, solved the problems of archiving, publishing and retrieving the precious astronomical data of XAO, and realized the sharing of astronomical observation data to the public.

The related results have been published in the Astronomy and Computing.

In the process of astronomical observation, massive observational data are generated, which are the basis for promoting the development of astronomical research. The Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory has carried out astronomical observation for several decades and accumulated large amount of useful observational data.

In the futureresearch on the management of massive astronomical observation data will be of great significance to archiving and publishing massive data generated by large aperture telescopes. said Dr. ZHANG.

The researchers developed the observational data retrieval and online crossmatch services for NSRT pulsars, molecular spectral lines, active galactic nuclei data, and NOWT data.

Moreover, the data services of XAODC are registered with the International Virtual Observatory Alliance. Users can obtain all metadata information of the data center through standard Virtual Observatory tools and browsers. 

Pulsar Data Retrieval Results

Construct: ZHANG Hailong

Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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