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Xinjiang Branch Launched "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation" Visit and Experience Activity
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In order to further enhance the awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation of cadres and workers, and improve the skills of self-rescue, on May 10, more than 40 people from various units of the Xinjiang Branch System went to the Xinjiang Science and Technology Museum to carry out a "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation" visit and experience activity.

This activity revolves around the theme of the 11th National Day for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation this year: "Improving the ability of disaster prevention and control and building the line of life and safety defense". It is divided into three parts: first, accompanied by the explanations of the staff of the Science and Technology Museum, Xinjiang Branch Employee watched the knowledge exhibition of fire, earthquake, hail, lightning and other disasters; second, learned to escape by simulating fire scene escape, earthquake cabin and other systems. Third, watched the 5D film "Apocalypse of Disasters" and experience the scene of disasters.

The visit and experience activity has won the unanimous praise of the cadres and workers. They said that through the visit and experience, they enriched the vision of propaganda and education on disaster prevention and mitigation, improved the ability of disaster awareness, self-rescue, self-protection and safety awareness, and mastered the correct escape essentials, so as to calmly respond to emergencies such as earthquakes and fires.

Xinjiang Branch Employee watched the knowledge exhibition of fire.

Xinjiang Branch Employee learn the damage level of hail.

Xinjiang Branch Employee watched 5D film.

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