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Xinjiang Branch Held 2019 “Light of the West” Promotion and Coordination Meeting for Poverty Alleviation Projects in Hotan
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On April 17th, Chen Xi, Vice President of Xinjiang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led a team to the village of Moyu County to conduct research on the poverty alleviation project, and hosted the poverty alleviation meeting for the promotion and coordination of 2019 “Light of the West” projects of Xinjiang Branch in the village of Dunarexi.
According to the meeting arrangement, the first secretary of the six villages and the relevant project leaders first gave comprehensive reports on the promotion work of their respective “Light of the west” poverty alleviation projects, and proposed the existing problems and the next work plan. The report pointed out that during the promotion process, it mainly began to study and adjust the planting structure, promote roses, morchella, stropharia rugosoannulata, walnut, garlic and other crops which are high value-added. Relying on the relevant scientific research strength of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the village work team made buckwheat, giant rice and high-quality and high-quantity models of crops further promoted. The technologies of integrated breeding, cultivation, water and fertilizer integration have been further applied, and the courtyard economy has been developed according to local conditions. Moreover, the village work team helped farmers increase income on limited land.
The implementation process of the projects fully embodies the characteristics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, highlights in-depth research and technological innovation, attaches importance to technology and its demonstration.
After listening to the report, Chen Xi said that President Bai Chunli and Vice President Zhang Yaping attached great importance to poverty alleviation and made arrangements for the rural revitalization strategy and poverty alleviation work. At the same time, the "Light of the West" projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences provided a solid talent guarantee and intellectual support for promoting the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative(BRI) and strengthening the precision poverty alleviation work.
He pointed out that Xinjiang Branch should give full play to the advantages of science and technology resources, and promote relevant research institutes to participate in the precise poverty alleviation work in the villages.
He stressed that the project should reflect the technological innovation and improve quality and efficiency, and take the demonstration of science and technology as the guide to do a good job in project promotion. Make good use of the funds for poverty alleviation projects, do a good job in the demonstration and training, and do a precise work of poverty alleviation to successfully complete the task of poverty alleviation.


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