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The Service Center of Xinjiang Branch Office Conducts a Major Safety Inspection on Postgraduate Apartment
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In order to strengthen consciousness of the safety responsibility of all postgraduate students and security personnel in Xinjiang Branch, strengthen the ability of preventing and resolving various risks, effectively prevent and minimize the occurrence of various types of safety accidents, and implement the main responsibility of safety in detail, on the afternoon of March 6, the service center of Xinjiang Branch Office formed a joint inspection team with all units of Xinjiang Branch to conduct a comprehensive on-the-spot inspection of the safety situation of the postgraduate apartment, and the safety management  personnel's knowledge and security measures were checked emphatically.

The inspection team is divided into three groups and each dormitory is visited in turn. The focus of this centralized inspection is on the hidden fire safety hazards of postgraduate apartment buildings. During the inspection process, it is found that some dormitories violate the requirements of safe accommodation by disorderly wiring, removing and refitting power supply lines (installing high-power overheating), blocking smoke sensors and so on. The joint inspection group requests that the investigation and reform be made and determined. The Joint Investigation Team will take serious measures against those who are not timely, not in place or unqualified personnel for rectification and carry out compulsory rectification. Various units have expressed that they will strengthen the safety management of postgraduate apartment buildings, so as to ensure the safety of dormitories by resolutely eliminating hidden dangers and taking responsibility to people.

The joint safety inspection is detailed investigation, strict inspection, full coverage and no omissions. In the future, the Xinjiang Branch Service Center will continue to strengthen safety education and security assurance, insist on effective measures to ensure the safety and order of postgraduate apartments, and provide solid security and logistical support for postgraduate education in Xinjiang Branch.

The Service Center of Xinjiang Branch conduct a comprehensive on-the-spot inspection of the safety situation of the postgraduate apartment.



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