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Xinjiang Branch Leaders Visited and Condoled Team Members in Villages during the Spring Festival
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During February 3-7, at the time of the whole country celebrated the Spring Festival, Mou Zhenjiang, the party branch secretary of Xinjiang Branch, Liu Fei, Director of Asset Finance Department, Adili, Fifth-Level Staff of the Personnel Department and the driver Wang Dong, four people came to Hetian Moyu to visit and console the team members in village on behalf of all the staff of the Party Branch and the branch system of the Xinjiang Branch, and launched a national unity and national unity friendship activities, which sent New Year's greetings to the team members and the masses in the village.

On the morning of February 4, Mou Zhenjiang took part in the ceremony of raising the national flag in the Dunarexi Village, and led all Party members to review the pledge of joining the Party and all villagers to take the oath of "Chinese citizens". After that, he participated in the donation of love wheelchairs. Subsequently, he went deep into six teams of the branch in the village to visit the team members and learn about their study, work and life. During this period, Mou Zhenjiang and his entourage brought New Year's gifts to relatives and sent a New Year's greetings, and thanked them for their concern and support for their work in the village.

On February 6, a symposium on welcoming the Spring Festival was held in Dunarexi Village. Mou Zhenjiang first introduced the situation of the party building of the Party Branch of the Xinjiang Branch to the CPC of CAS. He reviewed and summarized with the team members the situation and feelings that the branch of the Xinjiang Branch of the CPC in the village won the "Team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2018".

Xinjiang Branch Leaders Visited and Condoled Team Members in Villages during the Spring Festival

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