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Ayimak Village Held Peasants’ Fun Games
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On the occasion of the upcoming May 1st Labor Day, Xinjiang Branch Work Team and Ayimak village jointly held Peasants’ Fun Games with the theme of “I sport, I’m healthy and happy”.

The Fun Games started with the answer race of knowledge including the 19th National Congress, the two sessions and poverty alleviation, etc. The peasants actively participated in and answered the questions. Subsequently, sports competitions such as rope skipping, running with a tennis-ball held, and couple-run with each’s one single leg tied together were held. Every participator enjoyed the fun game and felt happy.

During the event, a villager named Matitur said: “With the help of the CPC's good policies, I make my life better and better. The 19th National Congress has brought so many benefit policies to the people. Let’s act and create a happy life with our own hands."

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