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Xinjiang Branch held a speech contest on the theme of "New Mission and New Era of Youth- Realize My Science Dream"
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In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the National Science Conference and guide the youths of the Communist Youth League to inherit the spirit of "Patriotism, Progress, Democracy, and Science", carry forward the glorious tradition and dedication of the senior generation of scientists, on the afternoon of April 4, the Youth League Committee, the Youth Federation and the Postgraduate Association of Xinjiang Branch, jointly launched the theme essay speech contest named "New Mission and New Era – Realize My Science Dream", which was held at the Xinjiang Observatory.

The activity received enthusiastic response from the majority of young people in Xinjiang Branch system. The performances were scored by the judges in terms of theme content, genre structure, language expression and innovation highlights. Rai Yuen's "Meet My Dream" won the first prize, Ma Wanli's "If You Love the Stars, Why’re You Afraid of the Night" and Zhang Qifei’ s "Youth is Still Good, There are Dreams" won the second prize, Wu Xue's "Youth Dances with Scientific Research, Life Company with Struggle- Dedicated to My School Years", He Yuxin "Keep Going, Carrying Forward the Spirit of New Culture Movement " Zhang Yuyou's "The Dream of Pursuing Science, the Harder and the Happier" won the third prize. The content of the articles they wrote is closely related to the theme of the event and personal experiences.

More than 60 young workers and postgraduate students from the Xinjiang Branch system participated in the event.

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