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A Spring-Travel over Turpan by CRH Train
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On the morning of April 10th, with the concern and support of the leadership of Xinjiang branch, about 100 retired staff of XJ branch took China Railway High-speed Train to Turpan, carrying out a group tour in spring. Retired staff were very excited when they knew they are going to take High-speed Rail to Turpan. Everyone was looking forward to experience the charm of CRH.

After an hour, they arrived in north-Turpan station from the South Railway Station of Urumqi. Then they had a visit to Turpan Desert Botanical Garden of CAS by bus, of which the altitude is the lowest in the world. There are 11 special gardens, where Osman, alfalfa, Ammopiptanthus mongolicus plant are cultivated. When they visited Nang street, the decent smell hit them as they walked through the door. As one of the staple food of Xinjiang people, it stands for the characteristics of Xinjiang food culture, which wins the hearts of the domestic and foreign tourists. The last visiting spot was Demonstration Garden of High Tech Agricultural of Turpan.

At the end of the day, retired workers returned Urumqi fully loaded by High-speed Rail.

Acoustic in front of CRH

Everyone was happy during the tour

The travel team arrived in the north-Turpan station

Visit to Turpan Eremophytes Botanic Garden

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