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Xinjiang branch held the 2015 Media Association
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In order to further strengthen communication and contact with the press, on April 9th, Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences invited media of the state, the Autonomous Region and Urumqi city to attend an association for enhancing the cooperation. Party Secretary Mou Zhenjiang, the Vice President Dong Yunshe, the Discipline Inspection Team leader Anewar Maimaiti, and about 30 staff who are related attended the association.

Dong Yunshe presided over the meeting. He pointed out, Xinjiang branch has always attached importance to the propaganda work. In the long-term work, Xinjiang branch has established positive and effective communication and cooperation mechanisms and channels with news media. The year of 2015 is not only significant to the strategy of CAS---- “One research orientation, three important breakthroughs, five main Cultivation directions”, but also important to the implementation of "Reform from Four Orientations" project.

This is a big event for more than 100 research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Xinjiang branch held the 2015 media association on this special day, depicting the serious awareness of the news propaganda work. Xinjiang branch will continue to closely rely on the support of press friends, to provide convenience for the dissemination of science.

Mou Zhenjiang first expressed his heartfelt thanks for the concern and support of news media and briefly introduced the main focus of the propaganda work in 2014 and 2015. He pointed out, 2014 was an unusual year, Xinjiang branch successfully completed the work of the coordination and cooperation for the latest Cooperation Forum of Science & Technology between the People's Government of Autonomous Region & CAS, pushing the cooperation to a new height. Xinjiang branch would follow the requirements and deployment of the party committee and government of the autonomous region & CAS, and give full play to the advantages of science, technology, and other aspects to reform, making due contributions to the development and stability of Xinjiang.

At the association, Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinjiang Research Institute of Ecology and Geography, Xinjiang Research Institute of Physics and Chemistry and Xinjiang Observatory described the outline of publicity in 2015 to the media reporters, looking forward to attracting the attentions of reporters.

Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences held the 2015 Media Association

The vice president of Xinjiang Branch Dong Yunshe presided over the meeting

Party Secretary Mou Zhenjiang introduced the main work of 2014 and 2015 to the media

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