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Xinjiang institute of Ecology and Geography invented a kind of suitable method to process the tomato humic acid compound fertilizer for drip irrigation
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On October 27, Dr. Li and other researchers, from the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, invented one method of processing tomato humic acid compound fertilizer for drip irrigation and won the national invention patent. (Patent No.: ZL201110395289.8)

Xinjiang is one of important tomato producing areas. It’s because of Xinjiang’s unique natural sun light and heat resources and soil conditions, its local tomato sauce is high in quality, with rich red pigment content, sugar and vitamin C, high output of sauce, which is highly commented by the international customers of all ages. However, due to local tomato cultivation, long-term application of chemical fertilizers causes soil compaction, decreased fertility and increased nitrate content of products which makes food safety face many problems. China has already reported relative news, but there is no report on ingredients and the detailed produce procedures of the compound fertilizer.

According to the rule, Dr. Li developed a set of reasonable application methods to process tomato humic acid fertilizer for drip irrigation, got special fertilizer recipes and application procedures, achieved new attempt to new managements for fertilization, effectively improved the quality of processed tomato, improved the regional deep processing level of tomato. This technology patent not only has important practical significance of production, but also has an important promotional value and economic benefits.

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