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Deputy Secretary General of CAS Wu Jianguo surveyed Xinjiang Branch
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In order to implement the instruction of CAS President Bai Chunli, during October 21th to 26th, Wu Jianguo, the deputy secretary general of CAS, lead a 5-member team to have an on-site investigation into Xinjiang Branch. The survey includes visiting the village work team of Xinjiang branch system, checking field stations and the relating security work, 3H engineering and the infrastructure work, sending condolences to scientists and logistical support service personnel, etc.

The research study sites of Xinjiang branch include life base, two stations, one observatory and the cold-dry-field research station, the working group living in the villages, involving Urumqi, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Hotan Prefecture, four prefectures of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, totaling nine research locations.

Despite tight schedule, the Deputy Secretary-General of CAS Wu Jianguo and his team successfully completed the research task, and then returned to Beijing on October 26.

Wu Jianguo and Zhang Xiaolei surveyed Xinjiang Branch kindergarten. (  Wu Jianguo, second from right; Zhang Xiaolei, first from right)

CAS leaders surveyed CAS Tian Mountain Glacier Observatory and Experiment Station

CAS leaders surveyed Xinjiang Observatory Base in Southern Mountain

CAS leaders visited the village work team

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