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Xinjiang institute of Ecology and Geography invented a quick method of alleviating the water deficit of desert plant in drought area
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On October 15th, researchers leaded by CAS researcher Chen Yaning of the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography invented a quick way to alleviate water deficit of plants in arid desert region, which won the national invention patent. (Patent No. ZL201210492279.0)

Currently the efficiency of condensing water used by plants in the arid desert region is still in the spontaneous state of mostly ineffective dissipation in bare ground under extreme drought conditions; while it is difficult for plants in arid desert region to obtain an effective moisture supply in the absence of natural rainfall conditions, and perennial endure water deficit stress would threaten plants’ survival. This patent effectively alleviates the plants’ water deficit in arid desert region, avoiding the ineffective dissipation of moisture.

This method is used to improve the collection and utilization of condensing water by plants in the arid desert region, involving rapid method technology to deal with water deficit and increase the available water supply for seedling emergence, to help plants overcome the drought, so as to improve the survival rate of plants desert region, to increase the coverage of plants in Xinjiang desert and improve the ecological environment.

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