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The village work team becomes the close friend of people with disabilities
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On October 4, 2014, the Xinjiang branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences working group held a ceremony donating wheelchairs and other assistive devices in the village courtyard. The old village cadre Huji Abdullah • Maituoti, who became blind in 2005, said gratefully, "Thanks for the country’s good policy! Thank the good leadership of the Communist Party! Be very grateful for comrades of the working group. They did not only visit and take care of us, but also specifically sent us wheelchairs and crutches, gave us the convenience of walking. They are really our close friends who warm our hearts! "

Working group found that the village people with disabilities have many difficulties in their lives. After learning of the situation, the working group visited and elaborately recorded the specific circumstances of each sick and elderly, understood the specific difficulties of their life and problems needed to be resolved, drawn up a list and promptly sent it to the Moyu Disabled Persons Federation federations and other units, to report the relevant circumstances. After the federation knew that situation, it continued to contact with the higher authorities. At last the autonomous federation provided seven wheelchairs and crutches and other assistive devices to help people with disabilities and solve some urgent needs of the disabled. The working group living let the people in the villages feel the warmth of the party by helping disabled and working on the village’s poor economy, life care, and spiritual solace.

The Village Working Group Leader Hou Tie said: “I hope that these donated wheelchairs and crutches and other aids can effectively help some people with disabilities in the village and the elderly, so they can solve part of the problems in their life and made the sick and elderly can feel the care awareness of their party and the country, strengthen the courage and confidence of their lives." He also said:" In the future, we will continue to help coordinate more mobility disabilities in Baxichawage village apply for disability cards, etc., and earnestly solve part of the specific difficulties and problems of the destitute of the village."

Elderly people sitting in wheelchairs donated attended the ceremony

Aunt Awati Khan, poor and 94 years old, moved to tears

Old people, sitting in a wheelchair and showing joy in their faces, walked out of the village

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