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Xinjiang Branch Examined the Achievement of Xinjiang-Technological-Assistance Project
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The production base for the long-effect controlled-release fertilizer in Changni national geographical technological garden


Demonstration field for the technology applied in the cotton production

                             The demonstration base of lavender plant in 69 regiment of four division



The expert of botanical institute introduce the processing of the essential oil





   In order to carry out the spirit of the central working symposium on Xinjiang and working conference on national coordinated assistance for Xinjiang thoroughly, meanwhile summarize the achievement and experience Xinjiang branch.CAS has gotten from long-term scientific and technological support for Xinjiang project, since the first ten-day period of May, the scientific and technological cooperation department of Xinjaing branch.CAS began to organize relative experts and carry out the spot examine for a batch of  projects,  such as the development and industrialization of  modified potassium manganate, the industrialization of long-effect fertilizer for cotton and tomato, the key technological research and experiment of cultivation of Xinjiang Lavender and so on.

  The project of the industrialization of long-effect fertilizer for cotton and tomato, which is undertaken by Shenyang institute of applied ecology, developed the long-effect fertilizer for cotton and tomato by using the technology of  long-acting, controlled-release fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer helps to increase the crop production and peasants' income, meanwhile reduce the environmental pollusion. Huier agricultural scientific and technological development corporation, the collaborating enterprise has established a production line for this kind of long-effect, controlled-release fertilizer, which can produce 100,000 ton fertilizer per year. Since the project carried out, the total production reached 101,500 ton, salesroom increased to 298,350,000 RMB, profit and tax amount almost reached 30,000,000RMB. 155,000mu demonstration field has been founded in Changji, Bole and Aksu, which drove 1,680,000mu field to use this fertilizer, and more then 50,000 peasants became rich, the income per head increase more than 10%. This project greatly boosted  the development of compound fertilizer industry in Xinjiang, drove the industry restructuring and rural economics increasing.

  CAS. botanical institute collaborating with four division of production and construction corps of Xinjiang, undertakes the project of  the key technological research and experiment of cultivation of  Lavender in Xinjiang. The project has already established the a resource garden for spiceberry germ plasma in 69 regiment of four division and a base for variety screening in 65 regiment of four division. Through lavender germ plasma resource introduction and new variety breeding, the project selected 15 specific germ plasma, 2 medium-salt endurance lavender material and breeding 3 new variety of lavender, they are Jinxun No.1, No.2 and No.3. Meanwhile, the project established 1000mu scientific and technological demonstration garden for spiceberry, the production of essential oil increased more than 15% per mu, income increased 300RMB per mu. Through promotion, 4,0000mu field in four division and five division began to plant lavender, the four division has been named the village of Chinese lavender, 69 regiment of four division has been cited as the village of Chinese spiceberry. After the development and promotion of the project, the production base for deep processing of spice has been established, the brand of Ipaerhan of four division and Xiangjiti of 69 regiment has been form, the production covers makeup, spice, health care, flower tea, home decoration and so on.

   The project of the development and industrialization of potassium manganate and lithium iron phosphate is undertaken by Xinjiang technical institute of physics & chemistry, which take full advantage of the resource vantage and industry vantage for lithium mineral in Xinjiang, increased the added value of production and lengthened the manufacturing chain . This project is significant for the promotion of the industrial competitiveness of the Xinjiang dynamic lithium battery material. 

   Through the spot examine and investigate for the projects, Xinjiang branch further grasped the situation of the projects, learned the strength and condition of the cooperating unit, meanwhile, found problem from work, sum up experience and lessons. From now on, Xinjiang branch will continue to follow up and investigate the projects in time , promote the transform of the technological achievement CAS gotten in Xinjiang and contribute to the development of Xinjiang. 

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