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Xinjiang Branch signed the SciTech cooperation agreement with Poly Union
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On May 21, AN Shengjie, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Poly Union Group Corporation(Poly Union) went to Xinjiang branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to discuss scientific and technical cooperation with XIAO Wenjiao, president of Xinjiang branch, and ZHANG Xiangjun, vice president of Xinjiang branch. Two sides negotiated and signed agreement in intelligent mines, scientific research platforms and engineering project construction.

At the meeting, An Shengjie said that Xinjiang branch is an important comprehensive SciTech research base and senior talent training base in Xinjiang. Poly Union hopes to increase investment in SciTech innovation in the next few years, carry out in-depth cooperation with Xinjiang branch, and participate in the construction of SciTech projects and scientific research platforms in design of mining engineering, infrastructure construction, etc. It’s also hoped that the two sides could establish a long-term and effective cooperation mechanism to help Xinjiang's high-quality economic and social development.

XIAO Wenjiao welcomed the delegation of Poly Union. He pointed out that Poly Union is the platform of civil explosion business of Poly Union, one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It has rich experience in mine engineering design, blasting and other fields. Xinjiang branch is very looking forward to SciTech cooperation with Poly Union. It’s necessary for scientific researchers to carry out scientific research activities focusing on major national needs and national economic construction in the new era and situation. As a national strategic driving force of scientific and technological innovation, CAS will deepen cooperation with the government and state-owned enterprises during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period, focus on the key issues of local socio-economic development, coordinate scientific research forces and carry out innovative research. In the next step, the two sides should cooperate closely in accordance with the agreement to create a new situation for bilateral cooperation, and gain new momentum for the high-quality development of Xinjiang and even the neighboring countries along the Belt and Road.

ZHANG Xiangjun said that the two sides should improve SciTech exchanges with a more open attitude, give full play to bilateral advantages in talents and platforms, find common points in emergency management, intelligent security and ecological restoration, promote the transformation of scientists' ideas, wisdom and research results into a strong driving force for economic and social development, and jointly provide SciTech support for the industrial development of Xinjiang.

Representatives from Xinjiang branch of CAS, Xinjiang research center of mineral resources and relevant departments of Poly Union attended the conference.

The two sides signed the SciTech cooperation agreement.

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