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Xinjiang "Western Light" Coordination Group launched the approval and assessment of 2014 "Western Light" talent cultivation program
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July 17th, Xinjiang "Western Light" Project Coordination Group launched the approval and assessment of 2014 "Western Light" talent cultivation program. Review panel consists of 15 experts, including the experts from the Organization Department of the Party Committee of Xinjiang, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Xinjiang, Science and Technology Department of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Kashi research center and other units. Accreditation will be presided over by DONG Yunshe, the vice president of Xinjiang branch.

41 projects had been launched and assessed in the meeting, which were applied by the institutes of Xinjiang branch, universities in Xinjiang, research institutes, the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Kashi research center and other units. The projects recommended for funding are 1 “Joint Scholar”, 2 “Important Project”, 25 “Western Doctor", 7 “General Project", 2 “Local Project” and 4 “On Job Doctorate”. The total funding is 848 million yuan, which is supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

After the “West Light” program special for Ili last year, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography keeps on designing and implementing “Western Light” program special for Moyu that adopts the system of domain chief responsibility, which is mainly in the domains of “regional development, ecology protection, oasis agriculture, information science for safeguard stability”, which surround the technical requirements of Moyu and refer to the spirit of the activity of “visit the people, benefit the people’s livelihood, gather the hearts of people”. It’s believed that the special program would bring lots of benefits to the social stability and economy development of Moyu county of Hotan prefecture. Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry and Xinjiang Observatory focus on their developing strategy and the key points of their disciplines and build the science platform for excellent young talents. For the purpose of intensifying the connection and cooperation with local units, the panel decided to give each of Xinjiang Medical University and Xinjiang University one “General Project” fund.

Xinjiang Branch attaches great importance to the work of personnel training, requiring the institutes and the observatory to check the “Western Light” project strictly in order to ensure the quality. Besides, for the purpose of optimizing “Western Light” management, branch will further strengthen the process management, financial audit and other aspects of the project. Personnel Office of Organization Department of Party Committee of Xinjiang Autonomous Region has also given strong support and full affirmation. Meng Hanjiang, one member of the Ministry of Organization Department of Party Committee, pointed out in the assessing meeting, based on the statistics of the accumulation of the introduction of leading scientists in recent years, the research institutes within the system of Xinjiang branch is the top one in the project of “One Thousand People Plan” of Xinjiang. He hopes Xinjiang branch could redouble its efforts in the declaration of this year and bring more talents to work in Xinjiang.

Evaluation meeting spot

The defense of “Joint Scholar”

The defense of “General Project”

The project respondent of “Western Doctor”

Vice president Dong Yunshe presided over the evaluation meeting.

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