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Xinjiang Branch Held a Contact Conference on ‘Western Light’ Work within Branch System
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On July 3, Xinjiang branch held a contact conference on ‘Western Light’ work within branch system, which invited related leaders and principals of Xinjiang Bio-Geological Research Institute, Physicochemical Research Institute and Observatory. Registration of Talents cultivation project and final assessment of candidates in 2010 have been deployed in the conference. Besides, Methods of Talent Cultivation Management of ‘Western Light’ of Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences have been discussed.

Because the party branch of Xinjiang branch attached great importance to ‘Western Light’ work in recent years, remarkable achievements have been made in personnel training, team building, local services, etc. Especially in the aspects of building research platforms for young talents of the research institutes, forming scientific research teams and helping the young start their researches, Xinjiang branch has effectively played a role in boosting technology newcomers. Under the new circumstance of ‘four leading actions’ program that is comprehensively promoted by Chinese Academy of Sciences, for the purpose of intensely connecting with local economic needs and strategic plans of the Physicochemical Research Institute and Observatory, ‘Western Light’ management of Xinjiang Branch has been adjusted accordingly in order to strengthen the process of managing and intended to make persistent efforts on the service for personnel’s introduction and training of Physicochemical Research Institute and Observatory.

At the meeting, Xinjiang Bio-Geological Research Institute shared the work experiences of ‘Western Light’ Project. Surrounded by development planning, Xinjiang Bio-Geological Research Institute takes its multi-disciplinary advantage, uses its rich innovative technology resources and organizes capable team to research on targeted areas. After the special implementation of ‘Western Light’ in Ili last year, Xinjiang Bio-Geological Research Institute will continue to carry out the special work in Moyu this year.

The meeting was chaired by DONG Yunshe, the deputy dean of Xinjiang Branch. Fuchun Li, secretary of Party committee of Xinjiang Branch, participated and gave a guidance speech on how to create new situation of ‘Western Light’. Meanwhile, leaders from the research Institutes also made constructive comments.

Related leaders and staff participated in the meeting together, including Jiang Tonghai—secretary of party committee of Xinjiang Physicochemical Research Institute, Lei Jiaqiang—the deputy director of Xinjiang Bio-Geological Research Institute, Jia er ken • Ye sheng bie ke—the deputy director of Xinjiang Observatory, etc.


               Fu Chunli, secretary of party committee of Xinjiang branch, gave a guidance speech


                       DONG Yunshe, the deputy dean, presided over the meeting


                           The division chief Wang Wei gave a summary report on work


                                        Experience share between research institutes


                                                                    Meeting spot

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