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Xinjiang branch had a site inspection on humic acid products industrialization demonstration project
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  On July 1st, experts and staff in the office for scientific and technical cooperation of Xinjiang Branch went to the Gumudi Eastern City Industrial Zone in Midong District, to carry out a site inspection on Humic Acid Products Industrialization Demonstration Project.

  Humic Acid Products Industrialization Demonstration Project is founded in 2010 and belongs to Sci-Tech Support Project for Xinjiang. Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry undertakes the project and cooperates with Xinjiang Shuanglong humic acid Co., Ltd. Using the advantageous resource of Xinjiang­--coal humic acid (peat, lignite, weathered coal), urea and potassium salt as raw materials, the project does the rearch on industrialization of humic acid products and the related supporting technologies of industrialization that contain“The Technology of Physical Separation of Weathered Coal” and “Semi-Dry Production Technology of Humic Acid Urea and Humic Acid Potassium”, in order to achieve fundamental solutions to the common key issues existing in the present humic acid industry, which include poor integrated utilization in production process of coal humic acid, small-scale, intermittent production, low yield, long production cycle, unstable product quality, severe black dust pollution, etc. Currently, the company has established demonstrating production lines that annually produce 10,000 tons of humic acid, humic acid urea, humic acid potassium and other humic acid related products. Besides, the scale of various types of humic acid products, both in production and sale, is also the largest in the industry all over the country and its annual output value is more than 100 million yuan. What's more, its humic acid products are widely used in agriculture, industry, medicine, animal husbandry and other aspects.

  By the leading and driving of Sci-Tech Support Project for Xinjiang, Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry and Shuanglong company drafted a national standard for humic acid and humic acid potassium, established Enterprise Technology Center of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region and made a joint declaration of special projects related to National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science, of which funding is over ten million yuan, and won a national invention patent and 13 new utility patents.

  The project focuses on technology needs on comprehensive development of weathered coal­­--the advantageous resource of Xinjiang, urea and potassium, for the purpose of developing humic acid industry in Xinjiang. Transforming and implementation of the project not only enhance the technological content and value of products, making a substantial increase in the capacity of humic acid production of Shuanglong company, but also greatly promote the local economic and social development in Xinjiang.


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